Bacon Bloody Mary

A Bacon Bloody Mary is a great way to have a cocktail, and a snack, all in one glass. I'll drink to that!
Bacon Bloody Mary

Happy New Year Everybody!! Did you know that January 1st is National Bloody Mary Day?

Bacon Bloody Mary

 What better way to ring in 2016 than with a Bacon Bloody Mary? Hopefully, you don't need a little "hair of the dog" on the morning after New Year's Eve, but if you do, try this recipe. You'll feel better in no time!

Since it's a brand new year, and I'm unveiling a brand new look for my blog, I thought it was also appropriate if I took things even further by trying my hand at some cooking videos. Since this is my first real attempt, please bear with me as I learn the ins and outs of video producing. There is a definite learning curve, and right now I'm at the low end of the arc, and there is nowhere else to go but up from here. LOL

Here's my first video where I show you how to make Sweet and Savory Bacon to garnish your Bacon Bloody Mary...

Serves: 1 cocktail per recipe

1  jigger vodka of your choosing
½ cup Clamato Juice (tomato and clam), or tomato juice
2  Sweet and Smokey Bacon Slices, cooked and cooled 
1   Celery Rib
1   Spear of Pickled Asparagus
2   Cooked Cocktail Shrimp
1   Lime slice
2   Beef Summer Sausage Links
1   Grape tomato
1   Green Olive
1   Green Onion
Pinch hot sauce (optional)
Pinch Black Pepper
Pinch Celery Salt
1   Tall Cocktail Glass
1   Wooden Skewer
1   Straw (optional)

-Skewer the lime, beef sausages, grape tomato and olive on the top portion of the skewer. Set aside.

-Fill the glass half full of ice. Add the vodka and the juice. 

-Add the bacon, celery, and asparagus to the glass. Garnish the rim of the glass with the cocktail shrimp. 

-Give a dash or two of hot sauce (if desired), and sprinkle the top of the cocktail with black pepper and celery salt.

-Add the straw, give a quick stir, and enjoy!

Bacon Bloody Mary

Bacon Bloody Mary

Bacon Bloody Mary

Here is a fun Bloody Mary pitcher and glass set that I painted a few years back for a customer. Naturally it's the perfect garnish for this Bacon Bloody Mary recipe. Cheers gang!

Bloody Mary Hand Painted Pitcher and Glass

If there is ever anything I can paint for you, from glassware to fabrics (aprons and tea towels), please don't hesitate to contact me or visit my shop on Etsy or Wazala. Custom orders are always welcome, and I will happily work and design from any photo or description you send my way.

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Until we eat (or drink) again, I hope you have a delicious day!

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