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Hi All!  We're Ivy, Nutmeg and Nell!

Ivy:   It's been like forever since our mom has let us on the computer to blog, and to be honest we're really sad about it and even a little confused.

Nell:  Oh sure, we go on for different things like checking our mail and watching you tube videos, but as far as blogging, I guess mom's just been a little too busy to help us get our woofs out in words.

Nutmeg:  Until today that is. Guess all that badgering has paid off :)

Ivy:   A lot has been going on since last we've written.

Nutmeg:   Yeah, we've each had birthdays and celebrated in high fashion.

Nell:   If you mean by high fashion that we got extra treats on those days, then sure, high fashion works for me!

Ivy:  I turned 4, Nell turned 3 and Nutmeg just turned 1.  We're all growing up so fast!

Ivy:   With Summer now a distant memory, mom has gotten out our Winter sweaters in preparation for the cold temperatures.  I hate the cold weather. My short and stubby fur doesn't do a thing to keep me warm.  I find I'm sleeping more now too because there just isn't as much to keep me busy inside the house.  You'd think with two other sisters to keep me busy that we'd be playing all the time.

Nutmeg:  I try and get them to play a lot more often then we do but sometimes the only way they'll play with me is if mom plays along too.  We do all like it when mom plays with us!  We like to play with the disc and balls inside and we can really work up a good pant!  It's really good stress relief and afterwards we're ready for another nap :)

Nell:  I like to chase the squirrels in the backyard.  Forget the disc and balls in the house.  I'll leave that to you two Boston terriers. Give me real live action any day of the week!

Nutmeg:  Yes, Nell does like her squirrels and birds.  I actually love to chase after Nell as she's chasing the squirrels and birds.  Until now, I wasn't quite sure why Nell was tearing around the yard at fever pitch, all I know is that it is very exciting to do and that Nell is really, really fast.  Plus, she is the boss of me!

Nutmeg:  Ever since I was a puppy, I've loved having something, anything, in my mouth.  Maybe it's like a security thing (like sucking my thumb) but that's when I'm the happiest.  Many times you'll find me walking around the house with balled up socks hanging out of my mouth.  It's not that there's not enough toys to play with, it's just that I really, really like the socks. Worn are better and thankfully with Greg (my human brother) around, there are always lovely selection of fragrant socks on the floor to choose from (don't tell mom I told you that).

Ivy:  Yeah, Nutmeg is really, really weird that way. You'd never find me sticking old socks in my mouth.  I do find Nutmeg really odd the way she always need something in her mouth.  Mom calls it "Nutmeg mouthing off" and I must admit, it's always fun to see what she's found to carry around.

Ivy:  Needless to say, mom finds Nutmeg and endless source of laughter.  As for myself, I just think she's a pesky little sister that hogs the bed and can't wait her turn for treats.

Nell:  I think she's pretty odd too, but I do like the way I can boss her around.  Priceless! Did I mention that I'm the boss of her???  It's hard to believe we've had her for almost a year already. Whatever did we do without her?

Ivy:  Sorry to inform you Nell, but being Boston terriers, we're both really smart too (although you can't tell by looking at us). Not that you're not Nell, it's just a different kind of smart. I hope I didn't just get myself in hot water with that comment.  I much prefer a warm water bath!  BOL (barking out loud)

Nell:  If you mean that stupid ringing of the bell every time you want to go outside, get over it! Mom always knows when I want to go out even though I refuse to ring any sort of dumb bell.

Ivy: Whatever Nell.  I think you may just be jealous.

Nell:  HA!

Nutmeg:  Yeah well, look at my bell!  It's a real winner and now that I'm finally starting to learn how to use it I can go out whenever I want!  Let's go girls!!! Times a wastin'....

Ivy: Yeah, yeah. Pretty soon. As soon as I get in just a little more beauty sleep :)

Ivy, Nutmeg and Nell:  Thanks for stopping by and reading our blog today you guys.  Come back soon and see how we're surviving Winter.  I wonder if we'll get as much snow as we did last year?  Hope not, it's hard to get around with all that snow! Good thing we don't have to shovel!  We have people that do that for us and that's why we keep them around!  BOL (Barking Out Loud).

With love and licks,
Ivy, Nutmeg, Nell
and our mommy

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