Rallying Support With An Auction

Not one, not two, not three but FOUR hand painted Jack-O-Lantern Wine Glasses. All made just for this auction: A Fund For Jennie!  Read on for further information and prepare your bid!

If you visit my blog often, then you'll remember I recently wrote a post for a fellow food blogger, Jennifer Perillo who very recently lost her young husband to a sudden massive heart attack.

The food blogging community rallied their support of Jennie as we all took to our kitchens to whip up Mikey's favorite Peanut Butter Pie as Jennie had so lovingly requested.

Now as more time has passed, the stark reality of the unfathomable situation has set in and once again the food blogging community is coming to Jennie's aid by trying to raise monies for her and her two young daughters.  #afundforjennie

There are many ways you can help, if you so choose: 

1 - You can go directly to "Bloggers Without Borders" (BWOB) and donate any amount you're comfortable with by clicking on the link directly below:

Donate to Bloggers Without Borders

2 - You can visit the Bloggers Without Borders website and find out more information about the wonderful work this non for profit organization is doing. 

3 - You can help spread the word regarding  #afundforjennie and  #bloggerswob via facebook and twitter and RE-TWEET this auction post in particular.

4 - Last, but certainly not least...You can PLACE YOUR BID to WIN this SET OF 4 Jack-O-Lantern red wine glasses.  I painted these adorable glasses specifically for this event in order to help Jennie and her girls through this horrific time.  

*Please note that these glasses can also be personalized by the winner if requested and they're completely dishwasher safe.  Each glass is 6-3/4" tall and 3-1/4" wide with a 13.5-ounce capacity and they will each come in their own gift box.  *Note - Shipping will be made to only one location and can not be split.

Here's how my first ever auction will work:

*If your interested in bidding, leave your best bid in the comment section of my blog.

*This auction will close on Sunday, August 27th and the winner will be announced on Monday morning August 28th.

*The winner with the highest bid will receive an email from me and I will then send out a paypal invoice for payment.

*I will be paying the shipping and handling costs on the glasses as my special way of saying thank you to you for your generous bid.

*I will then, in turn, make the winning bid payment to "Bloggers Without Borders" as soon as the payment has been collected from the winning bidder.

There, I hope that makes sense. I hope I didn't leave anything out and I hope that you'll all help donate in whatever way you feel the most comfortable.

So then...let the bidding begin and good luck!

Thank you kindly,

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