My First "Stylish Blogger Award"

I am proud and please to announce that my blog has recently been acknowledged to receive this coveted: 

And it's all thanks to another fine, outstanding, multiple "Stylish Blogger Award" winner: yummychunklet for being so kind as to take notice of, and then bestow this heartwarming honor to me, on my little piece of the internet.

I know you're all interested in finding out who and what I am wearing as I receive this fantaboulous award but, stand back as I wouldn't want you to get blinded by all the flashbulbs! 

As I strut my stuff on the red carpet today, I'm donning a pair of cream color and terribly scuffed sketchers along with a well worn pair of blue jeans, that are a bit tighter than I'd like them to be.  As my topper, I'm wearing a well worn, nubby sweater that has certainly seen better days and my gold-tone earrings are right off the rack at my local Kohl's department store.  Yes, I am a fashion icon to be sure (hardy har har) but thankfully, that's not what this is all about.  It's about having a stylish blog (YAY) and I could NOT be more thrilled!  Thank you, thank you, thank you yummychunklet for taking the time to stop and give me kudos for something that is so personal to me and quite honestly...IS me!

The award process doesn't end here however.  Upon accepting this honor, there are also some steps I need to adhere to  in order to be fully recognized as a "Stylish Blogger Award Winner For 2011".  The first step is to link back to the person who bestowed the award on me (ie yummychunklet) and recommend you visit her site. I do and I did.  You rock!

Second is share 7 things about myself that you may find interesting and might not already know about me.  Sorry kids, but it's part of the program... so here goes (in no particular order):

1.   When I was a child, I was bitten on the nose by a dog who had rabies.  You would think that would have scared me away from dogs as I grew but I'm an AVID dog lover!!! I enjoy dogs more than I enjoy most people.  I have three dogs right now and here are their pictures:

                                                                    Nellie (Schnauzer mix)
                                          Nutmeg (4 month old brown and white Boston terrier.
                                            Ivy (our traditional black and white Boston terrier)

2.  Both our our Boston terriers ring a cow bell when they need to go potty outside.  Nellie has yet to figure this out.

3.  My select comfort sleep number seems to be 40.

4.  I almost always have the television on but hardly ever see what's being televised.  My head is always down doing painting or cooking.  I should switch to the radio :)

5.  I have never had a massage or an manicure.  I'm one of the odd ones, I guess.

6.  I have almost always run some sort of home-based business.

7.  Blogging is sometimes like pulling teeth for me.  I enjoy it but sometimes it's tough to share and be open. I tend to worry to much about what other people think (another reason I'm such a dog lover)!

Whew, there you go.  That's wasn't so hard :)

Third is that I get to select 15 fellow food bloggers that I would like bestow this same "Stylish Blogger Award" on and have them follow in the footsteps of all those who came before you (see above steps).
I think you're all fantastic and I truly enjoy your work and look forward to reading each new post and recipe you put out into the blog-o-sphere.  Congratulations to:

1.    Vanilla Bean Bake
2.    Eat, live, travel, write
3.    The Little Kitchen
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5.    Freakin' Flamingo
6.    My Kitchen Addiction
7.    Barbara Bakes
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10.  Baking And Boys
11.  Amanda's Cookin'
12.  Confessions Of A Cookbook Queen
13.  Elle's New England Kitchen
14.  Newfinmysoup
15.  The Girl Who Ate Everything

The fourth and final step is that I contact all the above bloggers and let them know their blogs have been chosen to win their own "Stylish Blogger Award".  Congratulations and best wishes to all for your future blogging happiness.  Now, go forth and mix it up a bit  :) !