A Tile Is Born

Deciding to close my cookie business doors was a scary thing but something I felt compelled to do. During the last months of my cookie making career, I found myself doing more and more hand painted designs on cookie "tiles" (if you will). The cookie business was slowing down for me and I was starting to think that I had overstepped my boundaries by introducing these detailed confections as edible art. "Of course," I would say, "they are cookies, they're meant to be eaten" while inside my heart was saying "Wait!!! Don't you just want to hold onto it for a little while longer?" Silly, I know.

Little did I know, that by introducing these little hand painted confections I was really just following my hearts desire by leading me back to my true passion of decorative painting. Once I realized the true direction I needed to go in, the rest was easy and I moved quickly to make the necessary changes.

Having met wonderful friends, mentors and people I admire through social networking sites like twitter, I decided that I'd like to take my tile painting in a direction I knew people had a true passion for ~ What if I would specifically design functional art for people depicting their websites and blog designs? "Bingo!" I said to myself. "Let's give it a go and see if I can generate any interest with this concept." Now I was especially excited to have a plan AND my paintbrushes in hand.

The first tile I did was for my friend Gail of   http://onetoughcookienyc.com/
I was always drawn to her logo because I found it charming, whimsical and something I felt I could recreate on a trivet that would be a fun, functional conversation piece for Gail to use in her own home kitchen. Having obtained Gail's permission on using her logo to launch my new business venture, I set to painting my first tile. I always enjoy showing the process and I hope you'll enjoy seeing the image come to life.

See there, I told you she had a cute logo!!! You can bet she makes some pretty darn cute cookies and cakes too. You should check out her website when you get the chance. Her designs will blow you away.

Thanks everyone for taking this journey with me. I can't tell you how excited I am to be on this path that I know I was destined to travel. The design possibilities are endless and the fun and function are bound to withstand the test of time! Stay tuned for more exciting designs. I can't seem to stop myself :)

For now and until later,

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