Woof Wednesday - Pet Friends Edition - Meet Luke and Rojo

I've known Suzanne for serveral years through social media. She's become a great friend and is someone I find very funny. I also know how much she loves animals of all kinds. Especially her two Border Collies, Luke and Rojo.

Here is a picture of Rojo and Luke holding paws. How cute is this???

This is what Suzanne says about them:

"They go everywhere with us. The blue Merle is Luke and he is 9yo, weighs about 38lbs. The red-tri Aussie is Rojo and he is about 3yo. They are super friends and great family members. They both love to go in the motor home and "camp out".

Here is a picture of Suzanne and Rojo on the road:

Here is a quick side view of Luke...looks like he might be on a road trip too.

And here are the two boys together. The sure do seem like lucky dogs if you ask me!

Several years ago when I had first started painting ceramic blog tiles, and after Suzanne had had her food and travel blog  redesigned, I painted her this tile which represented Suzanne and her life as a blogger and traveler. Naturally, I had to paint Luke front and center. I remember painting it like it was yesterday and it has always been one of my favorites :) 

If there is ever anything I can paint for you, please don't hesitate to contact me or visit my shop. Custom orders are always welcome and I can paint from any photo or description you send my way.
Thanks so much for sharing your pups with us, Suzanne. They're beautiful dogs and I'm sure they're wonderful companions for all of your travels!!

If you'd like to have your pet (cat, dog, bird, horse, you name it) featured in Woof Wednesday's - Pet Friend's edition, please email me your photos along with the reason your baby is so special to you. Then, stay tuned because before long your pet will be the star of the day. WOOF!

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Until we woof again,

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