Celery Root Mashed Potatoes

The ultimate comfort food is kicked up a notch or two with these Celery Root Mashed Potatoes. The flavor of potato and celery root compliment each other amazingly well. The depth of flavor that the celery root adds is almost undetectable and at the same time is very noticeable.
Celery Root Mashed Potato Recipe / www.kudoskitchenbyrenee.com

The first time I had celery root  mashed potatoes was about ten years ago when a group my girlfriends took me to a local Williams-Sonoma store for my 45th birthday. The store was having a holiday cooking class and somehow my girlfriends knew this would be right up my alley. LOL. Go figure!

One of the recipes that WS had demonstrated that  fateful day was for mashed potato with celery root, and it's been on my mind ever since. The thing that stuck in my head about the dish was the way the mashed potatoes tasted just the same as my favorite mashed potatoes tasted...only a whole lot better, thanks to the complimentary taste of the celery root.

Why in the world it took me 10 years to make Celery Root Mashed Potatoes in my own home kitchen baffles me. But, now that I've gone back to recreated the taste that's haunted my memory, you can bet that this is now my go-to mashed potato recipe and it's a new tradition that I hope will be passed down from generation to generation in my family...and hopefully yours. 

If you're nervous about using this gnarly looking root vegetable (also called celeriac or knob celery) for the first time like I was...don't be. Its flavor is mild and mellow with the texture of a potato and the taste of  stalk celery only not as overbearing and pungent. And, as a bonus, there are no strings attached (celery strings that is).

Celery Root Mashed Potato Recipe / www.kudoskitchenbyrenee.com

If this doesn't make you hungry...I don't know what will ;)

Celery Root Mashed Potato Recipe / www.kudoskitchenbyrenee.com

Servings: 8-10       Prep and Cook Time: 40 minutes

3-4 pounds russet potatoes, peeled and cut into 2" chunks
1 large celery root, trimmed, peeled and chopped into 2" chunks
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon pepper
1 cup warm milk
1/2 stick butter (feel free to add more)
minced fresh chives for garnish

-Place the potatoes and celery root in a large stock pot. Cover with cold water and season with salt.
-Bring the contents to a boil and reduce to a simmer. Simmer uncovered for 20-25 minutes until the potatoes are fork tender.
-Drain the water from the potatoes. 
-Add black pepper, warm milk and butter.
-Mash to your desired consistency.
-Serve warm with additional butter and minced chives as garnish.

Celery Root Mashed Potato Recipe / www.kudoskitchenbyrenee.com

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