Woof Wednesday - Pet Friends - Volume 3

Welcome back to another addition of Woof Wednesday - Pet Friends. This is our third edition. On our first, I introduced you to 3 little kitties, Kumar, Pepper and Chrystall. On our second edition I introduced you to an adorable canine, named Olive. So naturally, the pet we're sharing with you today is...wait for it...wait for it....

...LUCKY - The three legged rat! Isn't he cute???

This is what Mary, Lucky's mom, has to say about him:

"This is my three legged rat, Lucky. My daughter's friend who worked at a petstore called her and asked if I would be willing to rescue him because if she couldn't give him away to someone the petstore was going to euthanize him because he was deformed and they could not sell him. He was only 4 weeks old when I got him and now he's 20 months old and is the sweetest most loving rat I've ever had."

Well Mary, you are a special person to take Lucky into your home and give the wonderful life he deserves, no matter how many legs he has! His name certainly does suit him and I'm sure he gives you just as much love and affection as you give him.

I've had many, many furry friends over the years, some of which were mice. I definitely understand your attraction to their pointy little noses and those wonderful beady eyes. I totally get it, even if there may be a lot of people that don't. Plus, some of them can even cook (like Remy in Ratatouille)! LOL

Thank you so much for sharing Lucky with us, Mary! It's been a pleasure being able to feature him!

Dear Readers: If you'd like to have your pet (cat, dog, bird, horse, you name it) featured in Woof Wednesday's - Pet Friend's edition, please email me your photos along with your reasons why your baby is so special to you. Then, stay tuned because before long, your pet will be the star of the day. WOOF!

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Until we woof again,

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