Beer Battered Fried Mushrooms for #SundaySupper "Man Food"

My husband adores fried mushrooms. I mean, adores them. Me? I'm more of an onion ring gal. But this #SundaySupper post isn't about me or "my kind." It's about men, and "men food" which is why I chose to make these Beer Battered Fried Mushrooms... for him, and for all others like him (i.e. men) who love fried mushrooms...and beer :)

Since today is officially Father's Day, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish my husband, Mark a wonderful and relaxing day. Yesterday we spent the day golfing as a family with our two sons, which is the favorite man sport in our family, and today we'll be visiting Mark's 94 year old dad in the morning (I made him cookies) and my dad in the afternoon (I made him ice cream)...but shhhh, don't tell. It's supposed to be a secret!

Back to the Beer Battered Fried Mushrooms. We had them last night with dinner and we couldn't stop remarking about how delicious they were! I mean, really, truly delicious, as in they may have converted me from an onion ring gal to a fried mushroom gal! I served them with some store bought ranch dressing that I doctored up a bit with some horseradish sauce and a little Cajun seasoning to mimic the flavor in the mushrooms themselves. CRAZY GOOD!

This recipe is lightly adapted from the cookbook: Southern Living - Off the Eaten Path, Second Helpings.

Makes: 4 cups        Prep Time:  10 minutes       Fry Time:  20 minutes

For the mushrooms:
2 pints of fresh mushrooms (I used white button and cremini)
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 1/2 teaspoon Cajun seasoning
1 can or bottle (12 ounces) beer
1 large egg
peanut oil for frying
salt for seasoning

For the dipping sauce:
1 cup prepared ranch dressing
1/4 cup prepared horseradish sauce
1/8 teaspoon Cajun seasoning

-Wipe the mushroom with a damp paper towel to clean.
-Remove the stems and then cut the the smaller ones in half and  the larger ones into quarters.
-In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, Cajun seasoning, beer and egg. *Note - the mixture should be the consistency of pancake batter.
-Meanwhile, in a large, high sided pot bring approximately 2"-3" of oil to a temperature of 375°- 400°
-Place a about 10-15 mushrooms into the batter and use a spoon to carefully stir the to coat.
-Use a set of tongs to remove the mushrooms, one at a time from the batter, and carefully add them to the hot oil. *Note - If you add the mushrooms all in at once to the hot oil they'll stick together, which is why it's best to add them individually.
-Fry the mushrooms, stirring carefully and occasionally for approximately 3-4 minutes or until they're pale brown in color.
-Use a large slotted spoon to remove the fried mushrooms to a paper towel lined bowl and season immediately with a light sprinkling of salt.
-Continue the same process with the remaining mushrooms.
-Prepare the sauce by whisking all the ingredients together in a small bowl.
-Serve the mushrooms with the sauce and enjoy!

Thank you so much to Susan of The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen for hosting this weeks #SundaySupper theme. For more amazing "man food" recipes for Father's Day and beyond, click on the links below to see with the other #SundaySupper members are whipping up in honor of men, men, men, men!! (LOL. I'm old enough to remember Monty Python. Are you?)

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