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From my very first bite of this extremely rich and buttery Hungarian Shortbread, I fell deeply and passionately in love.

However, the love affair soon had to be brought to an abrupt end because I knew this forbidden love would only bring me heartache in the end, stomach and thighs!.

Hungarian Shortbread Recipe

If you'd like the full recipe for this rich and indulgent dessert, simply hop over to this month's TWD host's blogs.  Thanks much to Cher from The Not So Exciting Adventures Of a Dabbler and Lynette of 1 Small Kitchen for leading me into this love affair with this particular recipe from Baking With Julia, knowing full well the seriousness of the sin they we're tempting me with.

We (the shortbread and I) spent a beautiful moment in time.  I shall never forget how this Hungarian Shortbread made me feel as I savored our brief and memorable encounter.  As I rolled it on my tongue, I knew full well I'd never be the same.

Let me take you back in time.

A red flag went up in my head at our initial meeting. With the sinfully indulgent ingredients of 4 sticks of butter, 4 egg yolks and 2 cups of sugar I was immediately attracted by sight alone. Knowing full well that I was headed into forbidden territory I continued on knowing  I was powerless. Much like a moth to a flame.

The details of our time together was unlike any other. I was surprised and titillated to find out how different a crust could be.  Grate is the only way to describe it!

A rich and sumptuous blueberry filling carried me over the edge and then, for the second time that same afternoon (yes, afternoon) it got topped off with an additional final grate layer of buttery love.  Oh yeah baby!  Do it to me!

Is that so wrong I ask you?

At the time, I was oblivious to the pain this love affair would cause.  I was in the throes of passion and excitement.  And then things got really HOT!!!

Hey Sugar (powdered to be exact)!  We've got to stop meeting like this.  I'm a happily married woman!

Slowly and surly, I start to realize that this will not be ending in a good way.  The aroma that's been filling my head is making my mouth water and my head spin. Sadly I'm being brought back to my senses and back to reality.

I've simply got to put a stop to our affair before I get too deep and can't turn back. I'm not the kind of woman that will start meeting you in the middle of the night by the light of the refrigerator door.  I've got to hold on to my last shred of decency!  Damn you Hungarian Shortbread!!!

Ah, but one last glance before I send you away.

Hungarian Shortbread Recipe

 Go now. Be well. Be happy. Be delicious...without me. 

Until we bake again,

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