Perfect White Bread and Baking With Julia

When I'd heard that a  "Baking With Julia" group was starting up this month, I could hardly wait to sign up and bake along.  I've been fortunate to have this wonderful cookbook by Dorie Greenspan in my collection for many years and it's always been one of my true favorites.

It seems only fitting that the first recipe on the schedule is for one of my favorite things of all time to bake in my kitchen...White Bread!  This however is not just any white bread, I do believe it's THE BEST white bread I've ever baked before (and trust me, I've definitely made my fair share of breads over the years).

Perfect White Bread Recipe

If you'd like the complete recipe for making these deliciously easy loaves, you can find the recipe on page 81 of "Baking With Julia" or you check out Lauri's blog (she's one of the creators of this baking group and the one who chose this as our first group recipe), called  "Slush".  Good choice Laurie!!!

I've never been a big proponent of mixing yeast breads in my stand mixer as I've always been a hand kneader myself.   This time however, I actually followed the directions and started the kneading process in my kitchen-aid.  Shortly after incorporating all the ingredients in my mixer, I quickly changed to hand kneading after my kitchen-aid seemed to be struggling with the denseness of the dough and I actually thought I was going to burn out it's motor (the last thing you'd ever think you could do to a kitchen-aid)!

I was a bit worried at that point that I wasn't going to be able to hand knead this dense dough properly, plus incorporate the softened butter at the same time.  I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.  You can see for yourself that things progressed nicely.  I had no cause for concern :)

Perfect White Bread Recipe

Perfect White Bread Recipe

As I said earlier, this is THE BEST white bread I've ever made.  The taste is superb and I would consider it pretty fool proof (once you get your hands into the mix)!

In two Tuesday's from now (February 21st) we'll all be making the "Chocolate Truffle Tartlets"  found on page 382 of "Baking With Julia".  I hope you'll follow along as we bake our way through this amazing cookbook!  Heck, why not join us and make some new friends as well as some amazing food? 

Thanks for stopping by.  I'd love to hear from you if you feel like leaving some comments!

Until we bake again,

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