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This weeks bake along, from the cookbook "Baking With Julia" by Dorie Greenspan was chosen by a few different BWJ hosts. No doubt this was a popular choice.  The actual recipe can be found on any one of their blogs if you're interested in making this delicious tart for yourself and see how Spike's, Jamie's, Jessica's and Steph's turned out.  I must say, they're all beautiful and I highly recommend you checking them out for yourself!

The original recipe from Dorie suggests that this recipe be made into small tartlets.  Not having a small tartlet pan, I opted to make this into one large square tart instead.  Of course then I had to go out and purchase a large square serving platter for presentation (LOL), but that's definitely part of the fun as far as I'm concerned!!

Chocolate Truffle Tart Recipe

This recipe comes in two major parts. Preparing and baking the crust (page 372) and preparing the actual filling and the baking of the tart itself (page 382), including tempering of the chocolate and separating of the many eggs involved.  It's a pretty easy recipe but slightly time consuming, so make this on a day when you can devote at least a couple of hours from start to completion.

I took a few small liberties with the original recipe by adding some crunched pretzels on top of the tart crust and also by adding a small amount of almond extract and instant espresso powder to the filling itself.

Because I had used a pan that was different from what the original recipe called for, the baking time had to be adjusted accordingly.  I believe it took approximately 30-35 minutes in a 350 degree oven before the tart was completely baked through.  I used the old toothpick in the center trick to determine if it was baked through.

Allow your tart little time to cool and your ready to garnish and serve.

You wont be sorry you took the time to make this tart, because it's definitely worth the effort and your family and friends will thank you!  Now go grab a fork and dig in!

Join me again on March 6th when the Baking With Julia gang takes on Rugelach (whatever that is) LOL.  There's nothing like a new recipe to keep you on your toes :)  I'm lovin' this!!!!

Until we bake again,

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