Farm Animals And Corn Dogs

The county fair comes to our area every Summer and for whatever reason it's been years since we've been there.  However, this year was going to be different and I wasn't going to let the fair pass us by!  Armed with my trusty camera, we set off to the county fair on this hot July afternoon.

My two main reasons for wanting to go were:

1. Farm animals.
2. Corn dogs.

(Yes, in that order and with some serious hand washing in between)

I don't think you could have wiped the smile off my face as we trudged through all those smelly animal barns with me snapping wildly away at all their funny, cute, and adorable faces.  Although my husband probably wasn't all that keen on being at the fair, he waited patiently while I took a gazillion photos.  I think the biggest smile on his face that day was when he had learned that they had recently added a beer tent to the venue. LOL.  Go figure!

We started in the goat barn:

And then we moooooved on to the bulls and cows:

You lookin' at ME?

The pictures don't actually show the enormity of these animals but seeing them in person is seriously amazing.

The next one must be a yearling.  So cute and such big eyes you have my dear cow!

From there we head to the pigs!  I can't decide what I like better, the cows or the pigs.  They're tied for my favorite farm animal but I must say that the pigs remind me a lot of our little Boston terriers (is that so wrong?). 

Oh, sorry.  Back to the fair!
We didn't see a lot of action in the pig barn because of the heat.  Did you know that pigs don't sweat?  I didn't.  Next time somebody says they've been sweating like a pig, don't you believe it!

Oh look, we finally got some action.  Don't you love his little piggy grin?

Lunch break. I can hardly wait to munch on my corn dog and my hubby can hardly wait to down a cold one.


Wow, that hit the spot! 
We're now ready to travel on and see some more exciting (ahem) farm animals.  Did you know, at county fairs you can also see some awesome local talent?  Check out this group of singers we just happened to see.  They'll amaze and astound you at just how good they are:

Awesome right?
We have a few more animals to visit before we call it a day.  What about the horses you say???

Look, somebody left the barn door open *blush*


The chickens and rabbits? Of course:

The Phillys Diller of chickens:

Don't make me come out there...

Oh look, guinea hens:

The only reason I know these are guinea hens is that somebody had asked me to paint a guinea hen tile at one point. Yep, I'm going there:

All this heat and humidity makes for a bad  *hare* day!!!

A final craving for another carnival favorite.  Can somebody say "mustard day"?
´╗┐And last but certainly not least...the sheep.   What's up with this guy?  If it weren't for that number stapled to his ear, I would have hardly recognized him!

*Butt* (sophomoric humor) you say, "it's not fair that sheep have numbers and no names..."

Look, here's Willie:

Here's Cora and Bonnie:

And here's Cookie! What a sweet, sweet smile Cookie has!

Get a load of that texture will you?  I'd hate to wear such a heavy wool coat on a hot Summer's day!

But through it all, they still grin and say "Thanks for the visit".  It means a lot to us!!! Come baaaaaack soon.

Now come just a little bit closer so I can give you a big kiss...

Thanks for coming with us to our local county farm.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!  Have a great day everybody and remember to be kind to the animals.

Fondly yours,

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