Who Let The Dog's Out?

The weather outside was so nice today that it's hard to keep Boston terriers, like us, in.  Mom let us dog's out (that's who), grabbed her camera and just started snapping away. Somebody seriously needed to stop her but I guess she thought we were just too darn cute. Go figure :)  Feel free to listen to the music as you scroll through all of mom's pictures. You may need the distraction. Woof!

It all starts with a single look......

And one last hug!

Funny thing was, Nell didn't even seem to mind. She seemed content just sitting on the deck in the shade! Personally, we think she knows that it's going to storm tonight and she's getting herself mentally prepared.

We all hope you have a lot of backyard fun this summer too...but remember folks, when your tongue starts hanging out of your mouth and you're panting like a freight train, be sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.  That way you'll be ready to play again at a moments notice and when all else fails, go for the jugular!

´╗┐With love and licks,
Ivy, Nell and Nutmeg