Scary Dinosaur Vlogs

I wanted to try something new.  Something that would hold your interest.  Something that would breathe new life into my blog postings about my tiles.  Something you might enjoy watching.  Something that would be a big change from those still step by step pictures I usually show.

I decided to film a vlog.  I'll have to admit to you however, I have a long way to go in becoming a experienced vlogger.   Just like everything, I'll get better at it the more I practice but, until that time, please bear with me and my bad directing, narrating, production quality and of course my inability to edit.   I still hope you find it (them) slightly entertaining and get a better feel for my painting process.

If I haven't scared you off yet, maybe this dinosaur tile will:  This is the end product.

Feel free to watch each separate video or skip around and just watch the ones that catch your eye. I'll never know. LOL  I just hope you watch some of these videos and then let me know your thoughts.  No harm done if you give me constructive criticism.  It's the way I will grow and improve so no worries if you need to go there.  Honest!  Plus, you can't be any worse then I am with myself (all in good fun).

Whoops! Somethings are better left unsaid!

Are you bored yet?  Plates? I'm seriously showing more paper plates?

Finally we're getting to the "meat" of this dinosaur...

You'll  have to excuse the appearance of the top of my head in this next video.  As I always do, I take off my glasses to see better as I paint.  It's an age thing!  Then, without thinking about the camera, I accidentally bend over my tile to see my work better and luckily for you, this is what happened...

I'm giving away all my secrets but if you need to turn off the volume to better get through these videos, feel free.  I understand. LOL

We're getting close, don't worry. This is almost over :)

Sorry that this is all being filmed upside down.  I'll work on that for future vlogs. I promise.'ve made it through. Last one, but it's a long one.  Thanks for being so patient with me. You deserve a gold star!

I sincerely appreciate your coming to visit me here at my blog and I hope you enjoyed this posting as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you!!!  Please take a moment to say hello in the comment area.  I'd love to know you're out there :)


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