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Hello everybody. My name is Nutmeg and I'm almost 6 months old already! This is how I looked on the very first day my mama and daddy came to pick me up. As you can probably see, I was really nervous and scared. I remember it was a few weeks before Christmas of 2010 and it was rainy and really cold!

I didn't know what to expect of these new parents of mine and also didn't know where they were taking me. My new mama kept telling me that everything was going to be ok and I shouldn't be scared. I could tell that she already loved me so I trusted her right away.

When we got to my new home, I met and immediately fell in love with my new sisters, Ivy and Nellie (even though they didn't quite know what to make of me).

It took a little bit of time for them to finally warm up to me and accept that I was now a new part of their pack, but once they did I knew I was home safe!

Daily life with my new family began and we settled into our daily routine. Lucky thing for me, it was right before Christmas so things were never boring. There was always something fun to do, see and play with!

That's me, Ivy, Nellie and my grandma on the couch during the holidays. I was especially lucky to meet my grandma and grandpa so soon after becoming a part of my new family!

As time went on (and with the holidays behind us) I concentrated all my efforts into growing and becoming the kind of good girl I knew would make my family proud.

As more and more time passes I can't tell you how much I look up to, and enjoy playing and learning from my two older sisters! I'm one lucky puppy, that's for sure :)

The Winter was long and my potty training went relatively well. It was hard on me to go out in all the snow and freezing cold temperatures but I did my best and got through it like a trooper. After all, I knew I always had a warm comfortable spot to come back to when I finished by business.

So here it is....Spring (or so I hear) but it's still a bit nippy (puppy humor) outside. However, the snow is long gone and I really, really enjoying spending a lot of time outside in my nice big back yard. There are so many new things to explore out there that it makes my little puppy head spin! Sometimes I've been so busy exploring that I forget that the outside is for potty and I save it for when I get back inside. Sheesh. I've got to remember to potty first and explore after (mom's rules).

One thing I suppose will never change though, nap time is almost always my favorite time of the day. After all, a growing girl needs to keep up her strength :)
Thanks so much for coming to play with me today. Come again when mom has some newer pictures to share. I'm a busy girl and am always up for fun and company. Maybe we could play a good game of fetch or something. I'd love that!!!

I woof you,

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