Lovely Logo Tile!

Not long ago I was contacted by Angela of Cakes By Angela to design a custom tile for her from her business card with her cute logo.  She emailed me a copy of her card and we briefly discussed what she was looking for as far as details.  With a coordinating border to finish the look, here is Angela's business card tile from start to finish:

It's been a few weeks from the time I completed Angela's tile to the time I'm actually putting out my blog post about it.  To be honest, I seriously have a soft spot in my heart for this, and every other tile I've painted.  It might sound strange to say I miss them after I package them up and ship them out...but I do.  I put my heart into each painted item I create and have an attachment for them like no other. I hope that comes through in my work and maybe even makes them a bit more special to those who have placed orders with me.  I certainly hope so.

I sincerely hope you're enjoying your tile Angela and that you get a lot of comments and possibly some great cake orders from people noticing your lovely logo tile!  Enjoy!

Fondly yours,

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