FFWD - Pancetta Green Beans (Not)

I looked for pancetta in my area, twice, and both times I came back empty handed.  It was due to that fact that this particular side dish I'd made for FFWD is absolutely nothing like Dorie's original found on page 333 of "Around My French Table".  That being said, I must say that it seriously was one of the best tasting veggie dishes I have ever made and I'd like to thank Dorie Greenspan for being the inspiration.

The original recipe called for so few ingredients that I'm sure it's delectable in it's less-is-more state of perfectness leaving the so few ingredients to shine through as stars.  Dorie's recipe called for pancetta, trimmed and blanched green beans, butter, ground pepper and walnut oil.  Simple and perfect.

However using bacon as my stand in for the pancetta and adding just a few more simple ingredients the side dish I'd created was outstanding in it's own right too.  After all, everything is better with bacon :)

Using trimmed and blanched green beans, 1/2 pound of bacon (sauteed crisp), a dash of red pepper flakes, salt, pepper, a bit of golden honey and some toasted walnuts this is my dish in a pinch.

Thanks again for the inspiration Dorie!  I wouldn't have done it without you...perhaps :) !

Thanks for visiting my Kudos Kitchen! I'll look forward to your next visit and as always, the next recipe we share!!!

Until we eat again,

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