Putting My Best Shoes Forward

It means the world to me to have happy, satisfied customers!!! To that point, I like to have a lot of  detailed correspondence with each client when it comes to designing their one-of-a-kind custom art tile.  I always ask for pictures to be emailed, their color scheme preferences (if any) that will coordinate with a surrounding decor, eye and hair color (when applicable) and many other questions to help me get a decent idea of a design and layout in my head. My intention is to have someone gasp with delight when they receive one of my pieces. 

That being said, sometimes I make mistakes and don't always re-read a clients email before I start painting.  I just go with the picture that's been planted in my head even though it's been planted in the wrong spot.  That's exactly what happened with this particular tile.  Oops, my bad! A lesson learned that I won't soon repeat!

My new, sweet blogger friend Renée, of Flamingo Musings contacted me to paint a tile for one of her good friends and fellow blogger.  She wanted the tile to depict her friend's website called  Girly Shoes.  Renée had sent me a few photos of her friend's blog header, asked if I could replicate it and then gave me her specific placement requests for the logo and design.

"Sure", I said, "it all sounds great and that design is really neat!  I'll get started soon and keep you informed with how things are coming along".  Then I set the email and her specific requests aside for the next few days.  However, the photo of all those the colorful shoes on a red paneled wall still danced in my head.  How in the world could I complete such an intricate design?  What have I gotten myself into?

Here is one of the pictures that she had sent to me...

Some of you may recognize this photo and the specific location that this wonderful array of colorful footwear calls home.  I unfortunately did not, but found it interesting to learn that this is the ceiling of "House Of Blues" in Orlando, Florida.  Though, after learning that,  I was still a bit lost as to what the remainder of the design on the wall was?  Hubcaps? Pink swords? What the heck???  Luckily Renée said she just wanted the fun "feel" of the design and just enough authenticity that her friend could and would instantly recognize it.  OK, whew!

The day arrived and I would finally be able to start the "Girly Shoes" tile.  I was anxious to get started. Unfortunately, my anxiousness got the best of me and I neglected to re-read the email that Renée had so thoughtfully and helpfully sent to aid me in my design plans.  I set myself to painting...the background, the paneling, the semi-circle, the logo and all of those wonderful abstract details...

Even though I'm generally happy with the outcome thus far, this is the point in the design where I start to question what is this I'm actually painting??  I decide to email Renée a quick photo of the tile in process and ask her thoughts as to what I've completed so far.   I know I gave her a pretty good chuckle with this picture  (as I had totally expected) and she had a unique and humorous way of expressing her thoughts. LOL

While she had liked the general look and feel of the piece, the placement of the logo and semi-circle was not where she had requested them  to be on her original email.  Whoops! See what I get for not re-reading the email before starting?   Thankfully she also gave me a bit more insight regarding the unknown abstract decor inside the semi-circle. Yay!  

Renée was nothing but kind and understanding about my error and neglect and I was nothing but embarassed and annoyed that I had allowed myself to overlooked such important details.  The very next day, with my new vision and paintbrushes in hand, I set off to paint this intriguing and colorful design once again.  The difference being that this time, I'd be putting my best shoes forward.

So then, I hope you'll enjoy seeing this custom tile go from start to actual completion, this time around...I know I certainly did!   :)    "Girly Shoes" take 2.

There, that's better.  Plus, let this be our little secret...this design was not nearly as intimidating the second time around (not that I'm suggesting I'll start doing every tile twice, mind you)!  LOL

Did I mention how much it means to me to have happy, satisfied customers? I believe I did, but it bears repeating...  It means the world to me!!!

I'd love the opportunity to paint a custom tile especially for you too.  It's easy to get a quote.  Just send me an email and enclose a picture and /or description of what you're interested in.  I'll look forward to hearing from you :)     email:    info@kudoskitchenbyrenee.com

Fondly yours,