Paris Mushroom Soup - FFWD

I am so happy to be a part of this cooking group, following along and cooking the suggested recipes from Dorie Greenspan's  cookbook  "Around My French Table" .  The primary reason (after the fact that it's just plain fun) is that it forces me out of my comfort zone to make dishes I wouldn't ordinarily make.  This happens to be one of those particular dishes.

I'd never been a huge mushroom fan but as I've gotten older, I've broadened my palate and have learned to appreciate them in all their shapes and complex flavors.  However, this recipe is one I would have found interesting to read but never actually imagining it simmering on my stove top, let alone gracing our dinner table.  An entire soup consisting of mostly mushrooms?  Nope, I didn't think so, at least not until... "French Friday's With Dorie".

This recipe can be found on page 72-73 and at first glance it looks lengthy and involved.  This is so not the case.  It's easy, relatively quick (that is, if you're husband isn't late coming home from work) and smells like a little spoonful of heaven while simmering on the stove top!

I was lucky when I went to the market to purchase my ingredients because the mushrooms were on sale (don't you love it when that happens?).  I quickly stocked up on extras for my soup and soon became excited about our dinner for later that evening.  I used the white button mushrooms that the recipe called for and also added some of these:

Toss is some garlic, onions, white wine, chicken stock and your sliced mushrooms (OK really, what's not to love?) and I was ready to simmer away.  Thyme and rosemary are also on the list of ingredients (two of my all time favorites) but of course, I couldn't stop there.  Adding a small pinch or two of herbs de provence, I was well on my way to Paris in a bowl!

With the help of my immersion blender, I quickly blended my soup, which had now reduced and concentrated (due to the prolonged simmer time from hubby being late from work).

Have you ever heard the saying "good things come to those who wait?"  Well, let me tell you it's too true in regards to this soup!!!  Deep and complex in flavor and healthy too!!!  In my mind, the only thing this soup needed was a little bit of dressing up, so I decided to use my best china as a way to showcase this masterpiece in a bowl.  Topped with additional chopped mushrooms, some sour cream and some chives... dinner is served.

Seriously folks, how good does this soup look?  And yes, I'm shamelessly looking for compliments. LOL

Paris Mushroom Soup

Now, I would be remiss if didn't mention that I was afraid my family would balk if I just set down a bowl of mushroom soup for dinner (no matter how tasty it was).  Being that I'm the only women in a family of men who like their meat, I also served a beef roast, a lovely salad and some tasty rolls to accompany this wonderful mushroom soup...

...and at the end of the meal, this is how my husband chose to finish off his soup. No surprise there I suppose :)

In case you're wondering, this Paris Mushroom Soup also makes a wonderful sandwich dip.  Gotta love it!!!

Thanks for this recipe Dorie! You can bet I'll be making this over and over again...

Until we eat again,

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