Painting A House Without A Ladder

A friend contacted me to paint his home on a tile.  This is my photo journal, from start to finish, of how I painted his house.  If you know of anyone moving into a new home, this style tile would make a perfect gift.  Keep in mind, it would be their specific home, not this one. *wink*

Hmmmm, this sure doesn't look like a great start. Let's see what happens next....

At least some of the details are coming into focus now, but we still have a long way to go....

Finally...a roof over their heads to keep out the rain and snow!

A few more details and this house is starting to shape up nicely...

The beginnings of a solidly built brick home...Oh, and the roof has been shingled :)

Brick by brick by brick. Laying brick is hard work!

Look closely, see any difference here?  This house is starting to feel like a home.

It's all about the details....

It's amazing how fast some trees and shrubs can sprout up, isn't it?  Let's see, should this be winter or spring?

Spring please. We're already tired of winter here in the Midwest!  Welcome home. I hope you've enjoyed your visit! Please come again :)

If there is a tile design I can paint for you, please don't hesitate to drop me an email at:   

Sincerely yours,