FFWD Leek And Potato Soup

This recipe (found of page 66) from "Around My French Table" by Dorie Greenspan had me and my husband licking the bottom of our soup bowls clean.  The mellow and yet kicky taste of the leeks combined with the potato and herbs were nothing short of perfection. 

I did however make a few small additions because one, I had these items on hand and wanted to use them up and two, I just love to experiment.  My additions were, a few bay leaves, about 3/4 cup ricotta cheese and some fresh grated nutmeg because I'm simply wild over the taste of nutmeg lately.

I found this recipe easy to follow and delightfully simple to prepare.  The prep time was relatively short and dinner was put on the table in no time.  As we all know, this is a huge bonus during the busy holiday season.

Simmered together on the stove top with chicken broth and whole milk, this soup has a delightful aroma and was soon calling our names to come and eat.  I could have left the texture in tact instead of using my immersion blender, but my immersion blender is just so much fun to use and for this soup, it's perfect match for a creamy and light consistency.    Topped with some store bought croutons for a bit of crunch (I was feeling lazy at this point) and some homemade cloverleaf biscuits (will be posting that recipe soon) and we were in wintry soup heaven.

Join me again next Friday when I'll be doing my posting for Dorie's spiced glazed carrots. Mmmm. Good!!!

Until we eat again,

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