My "Family Classic Recipe Trivet"

Yesterday I did a blog post for my family classic recipe which is my favorite side dish... ever!!!  You know the one, we all have them and we all love them! They're the ones that everyone drools over, the ones that you're best known for, and the ones that is constantly being requested by family and friends for special gatherings?

Here's mine...Sweet and Cheesy Onion Casserole

So today I had the need (yes, need) to paint this same recipe on a trivet/tile as a special family keepsake.  You know, something that can be passed down from generation to generation.  Much like a hand written recipe would be, only this is so much cooler and so much more fun!  Plus, get this, you can actually USE your custom tile as a trivet to place your special  "family classic recipe dish" on.  Now it has it's own, one of a kind  "family classic recipe trivet". Talk about a WOW factor!  You'll knock there socks off  with this (especially if you're giving it as a gift to the well known and beloved chef in your family)!

Let me then introduce my family classic recipe for:  "Sweet and Cheesy Onion Casserole."  Move over macaroni and cheese. You ain't got nothin' on this!!!!

You'll notice that I incorporated most of the ingredients and "steps" into the border to make this tile more whimsical and personalized to the recipe itself.  You'll also see that this recipe is relatively simple and short.  Please be aware that these are the best type recipes for designing a custom trivet/tile of your very own.

Savory or sweet. Appetizer or entreĆ©. Whatever recipe you, or your dear sweet grandma is famous for, can be recreated onto your own personalized, one of a kind tile.  A custome trivet/tile you'll treasure, love and be proud to display in your kitchen or the kitchen of someone you love, for years and years to come!

From my Kudos Kitchen to yours.

Please email me if you like additional information regarding any of my hand painted custom tiles: