Got Chickens? The Tile

I'm learning quickly how popular chickens have become.  I mean, people have a real passion for them!!! It is because of that reason that this tile was born to fill a request.  I hope you will enjoy seeing the processes involved with painting the "Got Chickens?" trivet/tile.  I could be wrong, but I think Foghorn Leghorn would crow and be a little excited about this design too!!!  I say, I say, I say :)

This particular design worked best on a 6x6 tile.  The client sent me a photo of a windshield sticker she has on her car and the suggestion for the red check border....And awaaaaay we go:

The inspiration for the design:

Now you'll have to excuse the next few videos.  They're something new I've decided to try adding into my tile posts.  It's not all that easy to paint AND hold the camera still at the same time, so please bear with me and don't be a chicken!  I hope you'll find these video's entertaining (in an odd and quite sort of way).  Or, if nothing else, not too painful to watch!

I can't always paint the straightest of lines (especially when holding a video camera).  It's at those times when my handy dandy scraper is my lifesaver.  If I needed to (and believe me, I have) I could scrape off an entire design when a tile hasn't been base coated with another color.

 My little ruler also comes in extremely handy!

Because I've messed up before on certain check borders, I decide that this time I'd add a small dab of paint to each square so I don't get ahead of myself and have to do additional scraping of mistakes. Good thinking Renée   :)

This design is almost complete except for a very important detail that takes makes this tile extra special and finished...

The great attention to detail is what a Kudos Kitchen custom tile by Renée is all about. 

Got Chickens?

I put a great deal of pride and love into every tile I produce.  Each of my hand painted tiles are something you'll use, display and treasure for years and years to come. Now THAT'S really something to cluck about!
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