Pink Little Logo Tile

I'm realizing that I need to step it up here and either take more pictures while I'm painting or maybe start doing some videos to better show the process and to make it more entertaining for my readers.  Problem is, it's hard to video and paint at the same time.  I'll need a volunteer to come and do that for me while I paint. Any takers?  Until that time...Not many words are needed.  Here is the emailed photo the client sent: Adorable, right?

My painted tiles are all done without the use of projectors, copying or tracing equipment.  Hand and eye coordination is the only trick I use.  I try to duplicate a design as best I can but I'll never get it to look exactly like the original.  I believe that's part of the charm of my work definitely shows the originality of each piece.  Here is the finished tile for the client to use and display proudly.

I know for certain she'll get many compliments on her sweet, pink little logo tile!  Please enjoy it Kathia! 

If you're interested in having me paint a tile for you, please email me:  for information and a quote.