Milk Jug Ghost

Here's a fun and super easy craft you can easily put together from things you already have at home.  If you ask me, he's pretty BOO-tiful too!
Here's what you'll need to make him...


1 old white sheet of any size but full or bigger works best
1 rinsed out plastic milk jug
twine or fishing line
sharpie marker
long nail or screw
paper clips or safety pins
scissors and /or knife

Find and mark the middle of your sheet. Cut a small slit in the sheet at that point.

Cut a small hole in the middle of the bottom of the milk jug.

Thread a very long piece of the twine through the hole in the milk jug and work it out the bottom.

Tie the twine in a knot to the middle of the long screw or nail you just work through the pour spout of the jug.

Pull the twine from the bottom end of the jug until the screw catches at the small hole and is secure.

Place your sheet over the jug and pull the long end of the twine through the hole you made in the center of the sheet.

With your sharpie marker, draw your face. Two eyes and an ghost like mouth.

Now he's ready to hang where ever you see fit. Inside or out.  I hung mine outside.

Use more twine or fishing line and attach your paperclips or safely pins to the sheet to create the look of your ghosts arms.  Make sure you leave enough play in between his head and his arms so the sheet drapes nicely and flows scarily in the breeze.

There now, that wasn't so scary was it?

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