A Trivet For Dorie Greenspan!

I am  so excited!!!  I recently joined a new cooking and baking group called "French Friday's With Dorie".  It starts on October 1, 2010 and runs in conjunction with renowned cookbook author Dorie Greenspan's new cookbook "Around My French Table".

When I went to register to participate in the group, the cutest design popped up on my screen that I just could not ignore!  I immediately thought to myself  "that design would make a GREAT trivet!" "What are the odds that Dorie would like one?"   Turns out that the odds were in my favor and I was soon painting the one and only Dorie Greenspan a one of a kind trivet that she'll be using in her very own kitchen.  Be still my heart!!!  

I'd like to take a moment to show you a few steps involved in painting this design for Dorie.  I was nervous at first (not that all my clients aren't famous, lol) but this was something a little different for me.  Soon though, I was in my painting zone and I almost forgot where this trivet would be headed!

Note - Stright lines are easier to paint when   1. You get your nerves under control   2. You haven't had too much coffee that morning and   3. You don't hold your paintbrush too tightly!

Here is where I pull out the picture I printed off the internet.  I follow it a closely as I can when duplicating a design or logo.  It will never be an exact however because I paint strictly by eye... and hand of course!

Remember when I told you that I got into my "zone" when painting this tile?  Well, because of that fact, I completely forgot to take additional pictures from here until the completed tile.  Oh well, it happens!  Thankfully though, I never forget to take pictures of my completed work :)

Actually, I probably take too many pictures of my completed work but I really love my digital camera too!

As I write this post, Dorie's trivet is on its way to her home.  I sincerely hope she will enjoy using and displaying it in her home.  Having corresponded with Dorie recently, I would be remiss if I didn't say what a wonderfully warm and friendly woman she is.  It's no wonder she has a huge following of adoring fans (of which I'm one) and her cookbooks are second to none.  Dorie Greenspan has artfully blended all her personal  ingredients perfectly for her most famous recipe of all ... a success life!  Thank You Dorie and  Bon Appétit!!!

Fondly yours,

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