The Art Of Shipping Tiles

I took a huge leap of faith when I decided to start my custom hand painted tile business.  I was constantly looking for signs that I was doing the right thing.  The fact that I had almost an entire box of foam sheets leftover in the basement was something I definitely took as a positive sign.  They're super easy to cut and add hardly add any weight to the box for shipping.


With the addition of a few carefully placed rubber bands and a proper size box that seems like it was made solely for the purpose of shipping my tiles (another positive sign), they're safe and sound and ready to ship.  Sweet.
There you have it, custom tiles packaged from my Kudos Kitchen to yours.  I'm still not totally convinced that I'm doing the right thing but if being happy in my work is any indication, I couldn't ask for a more positive sign.  For information about ordering your own custom tile, please email me:

Thank you and please come again!
For now and until later,

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