The Rubber Room

As you may already know, this category of "Stepping Away From The Kitchen" is all about eating right, exercise and getting healthy. I'm seriously going to attempt all three of these objectives with a "take no prisoner's" attitude.

Since our eldest son Adam moved out into his own apartment a few months back, my husband Mark and I (truth be told, more me than Mark) decided to turn his old bedroom into our workout room. This only makes perfect sense since we have a ton (literally) of exercise equipment that has gone unused for far too long now.

Unfortunately Adam didn't take as much with him as we would have hoped and now we have an abundance of "stuff" to weed through and decide what to do with. The majority will be donated and a whole lot will have to be trashed. Sad but true. However, the room has been painted and this weekend (that's right, no forth of July parties for us this year) we will install the new flooring that will turn this room into a real, no kidding, exercise space. Here is the rubber flooring that we are going to install. Finally I'll have the rubber room I've always thought I'd end up in :)

What I'm hoping will be an easy and quick project will probably end up taking all day Sunday and Monday to complete but hey, that's what the long weekend is for right? Well, maybe not but this is what our long weekend will be for this year. Seriously, what better way to celebrate independence day than to take charge of our health and physical well being? Right honey? Honey????

I'll keep you posted on our progress and hope to show you pictures of our finished room at the end of this holiday weekend. Until then, Happy 4th of July everyone. Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe!!

For now and until later,

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