Welcome To My Kitchen

I love my kitchen. I really do.  About 5 years back we remodeled it from a teeny tiny space, which had a door leading to the backyard next to the stove, to a larger, more work friendly environment with color, warmth and charm. I just love seeing other peoples home spaces so I thought you might like to see my "Kudos Kitchen" space as well.

As I think you can tell, I use my kitchen for a multitude of tasks. There always seems to  be two or more projects going on at one time (along with cooking and baking) and sadly sometimes my organization  flies out the window.  I try my best to keep things neat and tidy but that is not always the case.

There, that looks a little better. HaHa!  If you look closely, you can see the first of the hand painted tiles I had been working on on the far wall on the counter. Yep, right there next to my stand mixer, and before I had a better way to store them.

I do all my tile painting on the dining room table, in front of the TV that seems to always be on the Food Network or now the new Cooking Channel.  Looks like this day I was working on painting magnets.

Here is my little TV that I always have on but rarely ever get to see.  I'm always listening to shows but never actually watching them because I always have my head down working on a project.

My little kitchen tour wouldn't be complete without showing you two of my very favorite items up there on the wall.  Just goes to prove that we're big eaters here at the house :)  Thanks for coming to visit my kitchen and indulging me in showing off my space.  Next time you'll have to make time to stay for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat!!!

For now and until later,

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